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the unbelievable deep sea (even after you see it)
February 5, 2008, 3:53 pm
Filed under: biology

So Carmen and I decided to watch TV while eating dinner, a phenomena that happens just about once every 5 years. We came across this show from Blue Planet on the deep sea and, honestly, I have never been more stuck to the tube. I didn’t even finish my plate! Andrea came in and all we could do was mumble some sort vague explanation without taking our eyes off the screen.

The show displayed some of the most amazing evolutionary adaptations I have ever seen. The senses and ways of moving that some of these creatures have is mind boggling. The footage is phenomenal. I don’t know how they got it so clear.

in 5 parts (10 minutes each). If the links are dead, go to youtube and search blue planet deep sea.


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this is awesome…

Comment by R-Shizzle

there’s a new talk on TED that makes for a good footnote to this

Comment by R-Shizzle

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