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Do you know George Bush, personally?
August 15, 2008, 8:49 pm
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Probably not. But chances are a friend of a friend of a friend… does.

Have you ever wondered how long the “…” is?

Social networks are an upcoming field in complex systems research (there was a lot of talk about getting more funding for that area at this years European Conference on Complex Systems)

Mark Newman, who gave the big complex networks lecture at that conference, gave a reference to an article in the New Yorker, which is a wonderful mix of culture and science, investigating the nature of our own social network that is smaller than you think. Enjoy it here.

Some highlights from the article:

-Kevin Bacon is actually only the 688th most connected actor in hollywood (well, the IMDB at least).

-It is very likely that you have one friend through whom you met many more friends than you met through any other friend. Who is this friend? Make the network.

-Social networks tend to be small world networks. That is, there are a few individuals who just know vastly more people than the rest of us do. Why?

-Well, because these wonderful people ‘just love people’, and so aren’t constrained in their relationships by the cliquey barriers that trap the rest of us, of whom Lois Weisberg is the case in point.


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just read this… nice find.
Malcolm Gladwell usually writes some good stuff…

Comment by R-Shizzle

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