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La fuerza de hiphop Chileno
July 7, 2008, 7:56 pm
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En enero, yo tenia el placer de conocer a Claudio Flores. Fue por su cuenta que podia siguir bailando break y funky mientras que estuve en Santiago. Su dedicacion y presencia honesto me dejo impresionado. Aqui hay un video de un evento donde Claudio canto en su grupo Fuerza Hip Hop con MC Tanque, un otro tipo bien real y simpatico. Es por tipos como Claudio y Tanque que, encima de todo la mierda del ‘mainstream’, el hiphop sigue haciendo una experiencia real.


1000por100 dance battle: Paris, October 2007
January 14, 2008, 2:23 am
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France has got some good dancers, new styles and great beats.

move tube
January 13, 2008, 10:36 pm
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Though some might see this as me spending too much time watching dancing videos instead of dancing (which it is), I thought I’d share the movements I admire. So, some videos of different contemporary dance styles that I like (thank you youtube):

Great choreography and robot: U-min crew (korea)

Good lockin’: I love p-love (US?)

Lockin’ and poppin’: black pair are lockin’, white vests are poppin’

Good bboy power: Junior (France) (live) (some parts slowed for effect)

old liquid clip that inspired me (Rush from Australia)

great animation and robot (David Elsewhere, most famous dancing video clip on the web)

Here’s a good choreography of a modern take on Singin’ in the rain (Elsewhere at the beginning) It’s amazing what digital touchups can do!
He edited a dvd with clips of mostly him and three others called detours, all very original. I can’t find the site that sells it anymore (but I’ll burn it for you!)

Good liquid (Divine Flow, now in Toronto I’m told doing house dance and more)

Digits (dancing’ with your hands! by Tiny from NYC)

Classic liquid (from LP Eric)

Newskool popping (hyun joon in the mall)

Poppin’ (Poppin’ jon)

smooth bboying: knufunk crew (korea)

more crazy power and style bboying: gambler crew (korea)

rockin’ in the apache line: cali??
lots uprock styles: california

poppin’ and animation (with some tutting): dementia vs. cephapod
old clip that inspired me

some dynamic tutting:dimaworm